Position and Potential

DevourX is positioned to meet the increasing worldwide demand for its revolutionary processing machinery, which utilises air and sound currents to reduce and break-up solid materials and solid waste. The DevourX machine is specifically designed for fine grinding applications where ball mills, hammer mills, pin mills, jet mills etc. are currently used, it can also be adapted for use as a dryer.

In simple terms, any solid material input is devoured by the machine and turned into dust. DevourX performs these tasks with amazing speed and efficiency, delivering extremely fine particles to the collection system.

DevourX has potential applications in quarrying, food processing, power generation, oil and gas production, ingredient processing, waste treatment, farming and in the manufacture of cosmetics, paint, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. It not only delivers unadulterated, extremely fine particles faster than existing equipment, it simultaneously removes moisture and performs these tasks at substantially less cost than conventional equipment.

Additionally, DevourX provides a total solution that can be applied to a broad range of moist and solid waste. The machine is robust and can be scaled to a wide range of uses across many industries.

The strength of the machinery is its low maintenance requirement and its capacity to reduce materials to a fine dry powder in one pass, rather than multiple passes required by conventional equipment. The result is savings for the user in time, energy, wear and tear, servicing, and an immediate increase in throughput capacity.

DevourX machinery has been successfully tested and the technology proven. Machines are now being built for commercial applications, they will have a significant impact across a number of industries. It is expected that greater processing advantages will be gained from a number of efficiencies and improvements which will be implemented with each new generation machine.

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