Quarrying refers to secondary mining, open pit and above ground removal of materials used for secondary applications such as building construction, road construction, cement, glass, farming, etc..  A number of aggregate materials are also used in foodstuff for human and animal consumption.

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Grain & Seeds

DevourX can process a wide range of grains and seeds very efficiently.  It processes whole grains and seeds more efficiently than conventional milling equipment due to its ability to fractionate the husk to a finer fraction.

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Coal & Power

Many countries throughout the world burn brown coal as a fuel source to generate electricity.  Although brown coal is abundant and relatively easy to access, one of its disadvantages is that it contains up to 65% moisture which significantly impedes its ignition.  In fact, up to two thirds of the energy generated from the burning of brown coal is lost in the process of drying it as it enters the furnace.  Accordingly, many of these power stations have an unenviable efficiency rating of less than 15%.

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Food Ingredients

In food processing DevourX has the ability to process numerous ingredients, either separately or simultaneously, into very fine fractions.  The absence of heat during the process provides a number of beneficial aspects to the industry.

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Oil & Gas

Coal to liquids technology requires coal to be ground to fine particles and dried before processing into gas and then liquefying it.

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Process Ingredients

A wide range of industrial processes require extremely fine particle sizes for use in the manufacture of cosmetics, paint, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and ingredients for food and beverage manufacture.  These industries will greatly benefit from DevourX with a reduction in the cost of refinement of their ingredients and more consistent particle sizes with unadulterated outputs.

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