Machine Uses

  • What materials can be processed by DevourX?
  • Are there materials that cannot be processed by DevourX?
  • Could it process such materials if they were made to be brittle by treatment with nitrogen, for example?
  • Can DevourX be used as a crusher?

Machine Cost

  • What is the cost of each model?
  • What is the lead time to order a machine?

Machine Capacity

  • Is there more than one model of DevourX machine?
  • What is the difference between the 2 models?
  • What is the capacity of each model?

Machine Footprint

  • What is the footprint of each model?
  • What is the mass of each machine container fully loaded?
  • Are there any special lifting requirements or do you lift using standard 4 point container lift?
  • What are the foundation requirements on which to mount the machine?

Energy Consumption

  • What is the energy consumption of each model?

Power Requirements

  • What power requirements does each model have?
  • Does each unit come with VSD and starter supplied?

Material Feed Sizing

  • What is the maximum infeed material size for each model?
  • Can the output particle size be regulated?
  • Does the unit have a Grizzly or mesh as part of the inlet arrangement to limit oversize material?
  • Does the unit have a failsafe mechanism to remove any metal objects prior to entry?

Collection of Processed Materials

  • Do the machines come with collection and/or classification systems?


  • What is the expected maintenance interval for each model?


  • Can you provide results for all the materials you have tested?
  • What test results can you give us?
  • What is the particle size distribution in and out of the DevourX?
  • What moisture reduction can the machine achieve?
  • What is the maximum moisture content that can be processed by the machine?
  • How does the machine remove moisture?
  • Does the machine require heat to reduce moisture?
  • What is the noise level of the machine?
  • How close to the machine will hearing protection be required?
  • What control system does it use?


  • How much material do you need for testing purposes?
  • Can tests be performed at our location?

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